Car Wash Photo Gallery

Extrutech Wall & Ceiling Panels provide a bright, clean look for your car wash.

We would like to thank our customers for providing the photos below and if you have photos you would like to share please send them in and you may see them posted here.

Before And After Photos

Extrutech Panels on walls and ceiling along with Extrutech Doors aid in creating a bright, clean, friendly environment

Colored Wall Panels Extrutech provides a number of colors to choose from.

Extrutech Colored Panels provide that extra pop that makes your carwash stand out. As shown below with red panels used on the lower area of wall, or used as a large blue zig-zag stripe running down the length of a tunnel.

Extrutech Panels provides spacers for equipment, making it easy to mount hangers and other equipment.

Extrutech Panels can be used as on vaulted ceiling around sky lights to improve natural lighting.

Extrutech Panels provide a great way to cover equipement you have along a wall and still have access to it, with easy to make sliding doors.

Extrutech Panels