Extrutech Wall Liner Panel System FAQ

The Extrutech panel is known for its shine, durability and custom made fit. This doesn’t come by accident. Our engineers purchase the absolute finest exterior grade pvc compound made in North America. It will NEVER blister, peel, fade, or rot away. It has a built in shine that lasts and lasts, because it is part of the panel, not an add on spray that will wash away. By using Extrutech 12″, 16″ and 24″ wide panels, you save time and money on the installation costs both in labor and fasteners, because, as you know, our panels are made to order, to fit your exact building. No pile of cut off pieces laying on the floor that you paid for once the job is done. Plus you know who and where your panels came from, Extrutech, Manitowoc, WI, USA, since 1992. People that you can trust!

At anytime if you have any questions, call us at 888.818.0118 or E-mail us at info@epiplastics.com


How do I get a quote for my project?
Just send us a set of drawings to info@epiplastics.com illustrating where you want plastic wall or ceiling panels or doors.
We will prepare a written quote and material list within a few business days.

Once I decide to order how long does it take to get the material?
Usually the material will arrive in 2-3 weeks from date of order.

Where are these panels and trims made?
The panels and trims are made in Manitowoc, WI, USA.

How long has Extrutech been in business?
Extrutech has been in business for 24 years, since 1992.

Is Extrutech ISO?
Yes, Extrutech is ISO-9001-2008 certified since January 8 2009.

Does Extrutech supply the US Government?
Yes, we are a registered US Government supplier.

Are the panels approved for food plants?
Yes, the panels are approved for incidental contact in food plants by the USDA and the CFIA in Canada.

How are the panels fire rated?
The Extrutech Poly Board panels are classified under ASTM-E 84 as Class A material for smoke and fire.
Testing done by Intertek – a copy of the test is available on our web site under Product Specs.

Where else can these panels be used?
The panels can be used in car washes, dairy plants, waste water treatment plants, dog kennels, swimming pool rooms, agricultural buildings for hog, cows or poultry, and any other area that needs to be water proof and clean and sanitary on a daily basis.

A list of recommended cleaners can be found on the Product Specs page of our web-site.
To preserve the glossy finish of the panel, avoid abrasive cleaners with CAUSTIC ACID.


What sizes do the panels come in?
The three primary widths are 12″, 16″, and 24″.
All wall liner panels are 1/2″ thick and made to order to fit your building in lengths from 4’ to 20’ in one inch increments.
Longer lengths are also available upon approval.

Can the panels be used on both ceiling and walls?
The 24″ (P2400) should only be used on walls.
The 12″ (P1300) and the 16″ (P1600) panels can both be used on walls or ceilings.

Do the panels lock together?
Yes, all the panels have a common tongue and groove design which locks them together.
Just add silicone sealant inside the groove to make a water tight seal.

Do the panels have a nailing fin?
Yes, all of the panels have a hidden nailing fin.

What colors do the panels come in?
The panels come in bright white, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, beige and gray.

Can I buy stock length panels?
Yes, we have panels in 8′, 10′, 12′, 14′, 16′, 18′, and 20′ foot lengths; packaged 5 per poly bag to keep them clean during shipping and at the job site, ready to be installed.

What is the melt/distort temperature threshold for the panels?
120 degrees

Can I use heaters in areas where the panels have been installed?
Heaters may be used as long as they are mounted 2’ or more away from the panels in all directions.
Installing heater shields and/or circulating fans will aid in diffusing heated air and blowing air away from the panels.

Will the panels fade?
The white, beige and gray panels will never fade.
The color panels may fade slightly over time depending on the exposure to the sun.
Use the colored panels on the interior of the building only, not exterior.

Will the panels rust, rot, peel or delaminate?
No, the Extrutech panels will never rust, rot, peel or delaminate.

What is the warranty on these panels and trim?
The warranty covers manufacturer’s defects for a full ten years from the shipping date of the order.

What material are the panels made of?
High-quality, Class-A, rigid, virgin PVC. Raw PVC material is sourced domestically.

Why should I buy Extrutech panels?
Remember the bad drywall that was used in thousand of homes a few years ago?
Will that product came from China and it WAS cheaper but for how long?
Some of the builders that used that Chinese drywall are now out of business.
Do you want to follow that path for a few pennies? Why? LATEST NEWS REPORT

The Chinese have tried to copy our panel and but have to spray on a clear coat film to get the shine.
This film will separate over time from the vinyl panel and blister and peel, it may also be harmful to humans and animals in the right conditions. Is it worth a few cents a square foot? Do you really want to make some lawyer richer? Why?


On a rehab project, should the existing wall material be removed?
If it is flat and in good condition it can remain in place. If badly damaged or rotten, it should be removed.

Can the Extrutech panels be applied directly to the masonary wall?
Yes the panels can be installed directly on a masonary wall if it is flat, clean and dry.
You can fasten to the wall using a tapcon screw or a drive-it plastic fastener.
You can also use a PL400 construction adhesive by applying a bead along the back of the panel in a serpentine motion.
This will dry in about two hours. Using both methods is best.

Will the finished wall or ceiling be water proof?
We suggest putting a bead of silicone caulk along the inside of the groove on the panel before connecting the next panel on the walls.
You may do the same procedure to the ceiling to ensure a water tight seal.

Can vertical panels be applied to the 16″ on center studs?
By using the Extrutech P1600, 16″ wide panel you can mount directly to studs.

Is solid sheathing required behind the panels?
For a majority of installations, solid sheathing is not required.
However, it is recommended in locations where high traffic, substantial wall contact is expected, or where anything of significant weight will be mounted to the wall, you should apply a layer of 1/2″ plywood sheathing behind the panels on stud walls.

How far can the panels span between framing on the ceiling?
To properly secure the panels, it is our manufacturer recommendation that the panels span no more than 24″.

Do you have all the trims to cover the edges and corners of the room?
Yes, we have a J-trim, Inside and Outside corner, Bottom Floor Cove trim, Drip Edge and one- and two-part H-bars.

Can the panels go on the wall in a horizontal direction?
Yes, you can install them in a horizontal direction.
Start with the first panel going up to the ceiling with the nailing fin facing down to the floor.
See our installation instructions for full details.

How to I fasten the panels to the wall?
The panel is fastened to the wall using a stainless steel screw, tapcon screw or plastic drive-it fastener by passing it through the nailing fin into the wall. Do not over-tighten. See our installation instructions for details.

Can I remove a broken panel?
Yes, you can remove a broken panel and insert a new one. Follow the directions on our website and in the installation guidelines.


How are the panels packaged?
The panels are packaged 5 panels to a poly-bag to keep them clean durning shippng and at the job site.
The bags are stacked and banded onto a pallet for shipping.

How do the panel packages come to me?
The packages are banded to a wooden pallet and shipped on a common carrier to the jobsite or place of business.
You receive a kit of panels made specifically for your job. The trims will come in cardboard boxes.
Installation guidelines are included with each order.

Do I need a forklift to unload my shipment?
A forklift is recommended but not required. The material can be hand-unloaded at your job-site – you will need a pair of tin-snips to break the banding and then proceed with removal of the bags of panels by hand. Store the bagged panels, in a flat, dry area and away from any heat source after removing from pallet. Keep the panels in their bags untill ready to use.

How do I install these panels?
Extrutech has installing guidelines online and instructions are included with each order.
We also have an instructional video online to help guide you through the process.

Can we call to get help if needed?
Yes, we are more than happy to help you with your questions, just call 888.818.0118.